Sonnenberg is a non-profit making organisation which is ideologically and politically independent whose aim is to promote understanding among peoples and diverse groups.

The Association dates back to a conference in February 1949 when Danish and German teachers came together in a country school hostel called “Sonnenberg” in the Harz Mountains to come to terms with the experiences of the war and the immediate post-war period and to make a fresh start through personal dialogues.

In the words of Andreas Zieske, Chief Executive from 2014

"Dear friends of Sonnenberg,

Shortly after the Second World War in 1949 the first Sonnenberg conference with international participants took place. Our guiding principles, to which, as a centre of political education, we remain committed to this day, also date back to this time: “Talk together, Overcome prejudice, Understand one another, Act responsibly”. Through our work we support the principle of standing up for one’s convictions, civic engagement and the idea of international understanding through meeting and learning together.

We have 65 years’ experience in international education and Sonnenberg is regarded by those who know us at home and abroad as a place of constructive dialogue between nations. Alongside subject-specific competence, our House also of course possesses the technology to build the necessary linguistic and cultural bridges. It will be one of our priorities next year to consolidate further and to modernise our international network, already represented by various foreign Sonnenberg associations. At the end of May, we will be holding a European network meeting with many foreign and home partners participating. The aim is to plan new, shared projects, to identify topics for future international activities and to bring together old and new contacts. All in all, over the next years, the intention is to strengthen the status of activities in the House which have an international dimension.

For the time being this all lies in the future. What you have in your hands now is our programme for the first half of 2014. Here, too, you will see lots of seminars with international participation or with international dimensions. In addition, we offer a broad spectrum in the area of political education. What is new are some seminars dealing with cultural and artistic fields. In addition, we are offering meetings with a regional dimension. We want to make the “highlights” of the Harz landscape – UNESCO world heritage status and national park – more available.
Please take advantage of the programme and keep up to date with any amendments by referring to our website. As a group or institution, you can ask at any time about “tailor-made” events.

We should be happy to plan additional seminars together with you. We should be delighted if you were to feel attracted by one or another item in our programme and we were able to welcome you as a guest in our House.

On behalf of the Sonnenberg team, very best wishes."