SAGB contacts

The main person to get in touch with is Charles Harvey, the Chair, at who can provide information about how to join the Association and further details about SAGB events, including the regular meeting of the London Group.

Members of the Executive Committee of SAGB for 2019 - 2020

Charles Harvey
Vice Chair
Irene Lewis
Honorary Secretary
Ian King
Honorary Treasurer
Elin Bornemann
Committee Members
Lynne Faulkner

Margaret Everley

Margarita Barr-Hamilton

Bill Moroney

Stuart Sweeney

International contacts

The next port of call should be the website of the International Sonnenberg Centre in Germany, usually referred to as the International House.


There's a "friends of Sonnenberg" page on facebook to which many members from around the world have already signed up.


Members of SAGB receive a copy of the Association's Newsletter twice a year.  In time, an archive of Newsletters and other SAGB publications will be available through this site.

There are also semi-regular bulletins from International Sonnenberg in Germany that provide conference details and occasional updates about the wider Sonnenberg community.

SAGB membership

An international conference is organised by members of SAGB in Britain every two years and a lively autumn meeting is held at various locations around the country.

The AGM of the Sonnenberg Association of Great Britain usually takes place in London in the spring.

For further information about events and membership please contact Charles Harvey at  In the conference listings there is also often a direct link to one of the organisers.